Fred Sesler

Owner ● BF Health Club

Fred Sesler’s life has been all about fitness. He started boxing at age 9, added in martial arts and body building as a teen, and won numerous competitions (4 Golden Gloves, numerous karate tournaments and body building shows). He graduated from Southern Connecticut State University in 1985 with degrees in fitness and health and business management. After college, Fred moved to California to get elite training in bodybuilding. This was followed, in 1992, by a move to Baltimore, MD, to complete a 5-year internship in medical rehabilitation at Washington Works, Inc. There he gained experience with training people recovering from sports injuries, and helped others to manage medical conditions (obesity, diabetes, etc) and pain. He became very adept at developing specialized and personalized programs to suit each individual’s injury or medical needs. In 1997 he returned to his home state of Connecticut to train elite athletes of all ages in tennis, football, golf, soccer, karate, volleyball, track and field as well as aiding figure models in reshaping their bodies. In 2006 and again in 2009, he returned to body building competitions (3rd place at the Northern States Competition in 2006 and 4th place at the NPC New England Championship in 2009).

In January 2009, Fred opened Fight Back Martial Arts, which was later renamed Sesler’s Jujitsu, a school blending several traditional martial arts styles to create a versatile, effective art of self-defense. Fred was inducted into the Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors in 2010 and into the Aaron Banks World Professional Martial Arts Organization Hall of Fame in 2011. Following Fred’s January 2010 induction into the Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors for his long-standing dedication and contributions to martial arts, he joined with the US Kodokan Federation, where he continues advanced training under Grand Master Louis Ferrer at the school in Brooklyn, NY. He has also engaged in high-level training with Mike Lee Kanarek in the Haganah F.I.G.H.T. system (Fierce Israeli Guerilla Hand-to-hand Tactics), including attending their annual training conference in Las Vegas in 2010, where he earned his instructor’s certification. Most recently, in July 2015, he was promoted to 7th degree black belt and recognized by the US Kodokan Federation for creating his own system (Sesler’s Jujitsu System).

Fred moved to New Mexico in 2013 and began offering personal training and combat jujitsu training at locations in and around Albuquerque. He offers options for a broad spectrum of training styles and needs, always providing his own personal touch offered to all members. Many of his clients/students are active or retired police and military. Indeed, a partnership has formed between Sesler’s Jujitsu and 3D Security Training Solutions from Albuquerque, where their instructors attend classes for hand to hand fighting and weapon disarming 2-3 times per week. Fred also instructs during security guard training. As a trainer, Fred’s goal is to encourage clients and students to achieve their personal best through physical training, to approach fitness as a way of life and to commit themselves to goals. As part of his philosophy, he believes training should strengthen both the body and mind ‒ he promotes building core strength, mental toughness, discipline and focus, which ultimately translate to life outside the gym. His style is not for everybody, but for those with the goal of reaching the next level of fitness or successful competition, he’s there to advance both your mental and physical game. Fred has groomed middle school and high school athletes to become outstanding varsity team players in their respective sports. He has also worked with older athletes, even taking one client to the Senior Olympics. He has trained people to run in endurance events such as the Tough Mudder and Spartan races. For those seeking general fitness, he also creates programs that are challenging to engage the client and varied to prevent boredom from setting in with long-term training. He has worked with clients with medical conditions to improve their health and functioning. Clients seeking weight loss are given a fitness regimen appropriate to their starting fitness level and are routinely assessed for progress and nutritional advice that fits with their lifestyle.

Martial arts – 45 years

  • Promoted to 7th degree black belt July 2015 by Grand Master Lou Ferrer
  • Trained under Grand Master Sam Lee, Grand Master Robert Cheezic, Grand Master Lou Ferrer

Boxing – 45 years

  • Amateur fighting – member of Ring One Boxing Club and former 4-time Golden Glove Champion under the tutelage of Mr Ray Carso
  • Continues utilizing boxing drills in his own training and in that of his clients

Body building – 42 years

  • Competitions in teenage, adult and senior divisions, most recently Mr Northern America and Mr Connecticut (2006) and NPC New
  • England Championship (2009)
  • Currently training a female competitor who took 3rd place in the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders Natural New Mexico Women’s Show, July 2016

Personal training – 35 years

  • Speaker on functional movements in fitness and martial arts at professional training seminars
  • Certified NASM personal trainer
  • APEX nutrition certification
  • Aquatic therapy certification
  • BA degree – fitness and health